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Originally Posted by CoSnipe
Thanks for the info about the trailtech light TREADMARKS,as you can see I got one now as well. Great light. One question though,i'd like to know how you rewired,it was quite a difficult task. took me a few hours to find some way that somewhat satisfied me,but I'd like to re-do it some day a little cleaner. have any suggestions and/or pictures of yours?
Hi CoSnipe,

The tt racelight looks good on your bike!

What I did with my trailtech system is, I modified the reflector so that I could use an H4 bulb instead of the single element H1 that came with it. This unit uses hella glass with an "E" code which supports a DOT flute design. I used a reflector and bulb from one of those 10 million candlepower rescue lights. This gives me a low beam that dosen't offend oncoming traffic (too much), and a high beam that looks like instant sunshine. 10 million is alot for the highway, and I am currently experimenting with different bulbs and lens combinations to find something a little more compliant.

Ya gently hack off the back of the donor reflector with the H4 base. Then you open up the H1 hole enough for the base of the H4 bulb to sit flush. Then a little 650 degree high temp adhesive silicone, then a trip to the 150 degree oven for a couple of hours to set up.

I just ran new 12 gauge wires and switches from the battery through a relay to the headlight. It will eliminate the possibility burning up my wiring with the high amp bulbs I am planning to use. I also installed a headlight cut out switch for starting or service work when the headlight is not needed. I finished up the free form reflector and lens assembly for the 125/150 H4 bulb that will make up the off road package.
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