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Originally Posted by SloMo228 View Post
I mean, this is a motorcycle forum, right? Here's how the math works out:

Having 2 bikes is better than having 1 bike. Having 3 bikes is even better. Beyond 3, I think you begin to see some diminishing returns in terms of cost to own and space to store all the bikes, plus you can easily spend more time wrenching than riding with a whole stable full of bikes.
Good point. I was at four last year, but have been at three for a year. Three is a magic number. Yes it is.

Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove View Post
Rocker wins. Best Answer.

Kids do slow down the riding in the beginning, and it isn't their fault. You just decide to spend more time with the kids than the bikes. Eventually though, the kids get bigger and they end up playing with friends for a Saturday and lo and behold, you have a Saturday to ride.
"Full House" / "Full Garage". I'd have a hard time being a one-bike person after having at least two in the garage, and up to four, during the past 15-years.
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