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As the second hand swept the top of the dial, our master of ceremonies, Ross, magically appeared at precisely 1800. 138 eyeballs are fixed on him, as a loud roar of conversation is dulled. The participants can only wonder what information is contained on those few sheets of paper. And why does he appear to be holding plaques, despite the fact the completion is not over?

Blaster has the claim to have ridden 4 days at the Performance center over some very challenging obstacles, and had yet to have a good dirt nap. He’s surely moved up in the rankings, but was it enough? J4S was clinging on the brink of the cut line, but reports that the afternoon ride was rough. Although, there was a lot of carnage out there, so maybe he’s lucky enough to also hang on. For me, I’ve never been one to hang around long enough to attend an award ceremony. It’s not for lack of pinning, but it’s entirely too much waiting for my type A personality. However, today I am certain there will be no podium, which in my exhausted frame of mind is just fine.

Soon enough, Ross begins to call rider numbers. Though the tapping of the rain on the canopy of the tent is distracting, everyone is eager to wonder who the lucky “12” will be. These will be the riders to advance to the last and final selection day. Sure enough, the point leader for the last two days, Blur (Blair), is sauntering his 6+ foot frame towards the lineup.
For those not worried about their number being called, I have plenty of time to count the heads. However, somehow Ross has now called 14 riders and one is me? We have a fox in the hen house.

As the story unfolds, there are apparently two awards for the best falls of the weekend. I have to say I was in the shadows of both groups of riders. I was neither the most ‘athletic’ fall, nor was I was the eloquent rider.
The 13th rider describes his get-off as “surreal”, as he watched his bike literally barrel-roll down the backside of the hill. I think this was Day 2, exercise #2 (hill climb). By the luck of god, he somehow didn’t get smooshed, and stands there cheerfully accepting his victory. Although he was able to ride the bike for the rest of day, I sure hope it came with a 15% off coupon to fix broken kit.

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This guy is my hero. When he crested the peak it looks like he grabbed some front brake and went down, than his lovely GSA decide to flip all the way to the bottom. Everyone was okay and he rode that bike all the way to a standing ovation and the award for being “Unstoppable”. Even more impressive is this guy’s day job, he is a navigator in an F-22!

The 14th rider is me. Apparently, seeing all sides of an obstacle and being too ornery to quit gets you a pretty plaque. I understand from some folks, that is doesn’t matter how you get the plaque, just as long as it is rightfully yours. So what the heck I will put it on the garage next to my 3rd place Blind Enduro plaque. Pretty is as pretty does, and the insignia on the plaque you’d never know how I got it

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