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Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
Blaster has the claim to have ridden 4 days at the Performance center over some very challenging obstacles, and had yet to have a good dirt nap.
Actually never taken a nap of any kind at the performance center...I must not be trying hard enough some would say, I did move up ten places but only got to forty second place. I am hoping with a lot more practice I can move solidly into the twenties. I left some very easy points on the table as probably most would say they did as well. So hopefully all of us will come back next time and really raise the bar for this years finalists. Are you guys . Like the finalists have anything to worry about from me. I did have a great time and meet some super nice people that I hope to stay in contact with.

Dorito thanks for capturing all this as it will come in handy as a training aid!
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