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Later that afternoon we went over the mighty Mississippi river and spent the night in Helena.

After leaving Helena in the morning we made a couple of miles when we came across a sign I had seen pictures of in other ride reports here on ADV.

Of course we stopped. There was a man standing infront of the house. Seeing us he asked if we were the swiss. He had seen our report on ADV and had figured out that we should have been here yesterday allready. So he had been waiting for us. Now isn't that nice. We talked to him for a while and had a look at the interesting inside of the house. He even called a friend of his who came by to meet us. Really nice stop. Thanks alot.

Here is Sandra signing the book.

and chatting inside the house.

In the afternoon of that day we began to get haunted by bad luck for a couple of days. (stricking 3 times)

1. strike

Sandra got a flat on her front tyre.

Luckily ther was a log lying around we could use as a centerstand.

I found the leak and it looked like a mistake during produktion. To be faster I just threw in our spare front tube filled in air and on we went.

Then we came across another "road closed"sign. The bridge was out. But some other riders had found the way through allready. We saw some tyre marks.

And here we pass that part.

Then in the evening came strike 2.

Our notebook hadn't liked the day and now looked like this.

This made the usable part of the screen small and added another couple of dollers to the costs of the trip.
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