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The next day started out pretty good. First we had some time in the open

before it was back into the woods.

Then in the afternoon came strike 3. I was doing around 50 mph when I heard a klonk, klonk, klonk about 3-4 times then it was gone again. I was just asking myself if it came from the bike or if someone was hammering on sheetmetal nearby when the KTM was feeling a bit unstable in the next corner. I stopped and got off the bike and almost immediatly spotted this.

Getting out a pair of pliers I started pulling out the bugger. And pulled and pulled. It ended to be this long.

I thought this is not good.
Standig there looking for a possibility to jack the bike up a car came and stopped. The guy inside asked if we needed any help. I told him of my problem and he said he lives just 5 minutes from here and he will be back with is truck. While we were waiting I pulled the tube out to have a look at it. It was beyond repair. The nail had done a good job. there were several holes on both sides of the tube.

Robin brought this nice and handy piece of epuipment with him.

While waiting I had patched the front tube from Sandras flat yesterday. That was our only spare. I fitted the tube and Robin took off to fill in air with his compressor at home. In the mean time we drank icewater Cathy (was that her name?) had supplied us with. After fitting the wheel into the bike again we were back on track. Thanks alot to Robin and Cathy for everything they did for us.

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