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Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
Hey Sam, you just can't stay out of NM can you? It is a great state full of whacky people. I was buzzing around in Iowa while you were in NM and CO. IA is a lot more scenic than I thought it was. Madison co has really neat gravel roads and covered bridges. Glad you are having a great time. Wish I could take pictures that nice . you have a great nack for it. Get back down to So. NM and see us again some winter. Happy Travels...
Aside from the insanely slow speed limits it's pretty cool state, it was my stomping grounds where I played during my off time back in the day. One could ride anywhere you wanted no OHV no plates nada! I had a PE250 I hauled around; Simpler times (need to scan some of my old 35mm) I even carried a 357 on my hip in the open in NM and Texas....totally OK No one freaked out.

So there new Papa are you going to get to finish up the Border ride? I'm still hanging.

Originally Posted by Bob View Post
Started in Quads (guns) then Chapparal, opposite side from all the Luftwaffe and Iranians, guess the Iranians will be our friends AGAIN??
Reminds me of a gal I was dating in Chaparral NM, but that too is a beer drinking story
Lived out at Biggs enjoyed the luxury that the Air Force guys were used to. Even there "hand me downs" were nicer than stuff on the main post.
I heard they tore most of it down and made an NCO Academy.

Sometimes I think about going back for a visit.
Quads, so your were a Duster Guy, I saw those get used as a direct fire system once WOW. Biggs is now the Sergeant Major Academy E9's get trained there.
My Ride South of the Border
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