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Originally Posted by Dukeryder

The paint everyone else is using is Krylon Fusion, I used the Rustoleum equivalent I found at HomeDepot, I cleaned them well and scuffed em up with scotch brite. I painted them several light coats then redid them after 24hrs and then let em sit up for a week. I leaned the bike up against the basketball hoop pole in my driveway today and the white paint from the pole came off onto the black paint, and the black paint was fine. I'd say it's pretty tuff stuff. Looks WAY better than White, For some reason White bikes bother me.

(In case anyone is wondering why I get the bike so close to the pole, is because that's what I chain/lock the bike to; I have nightmares this sucker gets stolen; seriously )

Did some mods today

Added the Acerbis Cyclope and a Polisport SM Fender (I dunno if I like it yet or not, I might go back to the old cut up Red one or try a different if this one catches too much wind). Last week, I noticed the Front wheel bearing was shot (wobbly wheel), well last night I took the wheel off and found one of the bearings inside was totally Exploed , later found out why was because the PO didn't put the center spacer in there, putting way too much stress on the bearings causing them to go TU, after only a few miles. At least I know it's got new bearings and the proper spacer in there now, I also replaced the dust seals too.
Looks great! You could get the black IMS tank and go for the Mad Max look, I'm tempted to do that to the DR...I would have a convert-a- bike maybe a SM and DS, all in one..

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