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Then like boom, we're out to Potash and it's about 11am, feeling cool and nice. Through the potash evaporating ponds we go and they sure are blue. One minor navigational problem later and we're now on our way to the White Rim.

At the White Rim, we ride for a while and meet a nice ranger. We cruise to Murphy's Hogback, take a quick break, and shed a bunch of clothing. Several mountain bikers are gathered here taking a break also and shooting the breeze. One of the drivers of a support vehicle says he's done this (the White Rim) in a day on his GS and asks where we're coming from today.

"Oh, Rabbit Valley."

I walk 40 feet back over to my bike and hear:


One granola bar later and we're rolling again. The evaporative cooling effect from my sweat-soaked shirt feels great. The way down to the river is offering up some nice sandy straight track and we're taking full advantage of it. It feels like riding in a big old Cadillac, just smooth and cushy. We blast right through the sandy wash bottom, the Michelin AC10 rear tires chewing through the soft dry sand like eating a whole pack of Big League Chew at once. Delicious. Stuff it all in your mouth and try not to drool too much.

Up the red cliffs, down the red cliffs. We get to Mineral Bottom and blast up to the top and back out toward the Island in the Sky. I can smell that burger all the way from here. No no no, I can TASTE it. Out to 191, back to Moab, and we make a pit stop for more fuel and water, then head to Milt's. It's about 4:15pm.
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