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Passed Out In CO & Washed Up In UT! Big Bikes Conquer The Elements Of The West!

DAY 3 - Continued: Passing Time In Telluride

Since we had made good time in getting here from Cortez, we all agreed that we had to keep riding the rest of the afternoon! But wait... where was Russ?

Because we had a small group, we were winging the lodging/camping situation, so when we could, we would hit up the Visitor's Center first for recommendations.
This tactic was excellent, when you got into town during the Center's hours of operation and when not nearby any National Parks in UT (when they're open, that is) .
And here's something I never knew until now: when you go to the Visitor's Center, they often get lower "referral" rates and are the first to know of availabilities. Make sense, eh?! Oh right... about Russ...

While at the Center, Mike called Russ and he was already in town, eating at Brown Dog Pizza.
We decided to first meet up with him there and ... we were soooo hungry...
I didn't see a brown dog, but this cute doggy was there.
He/she kept barking at all the skaters coming by on the sidewalk and chasing them away which had all the patrons applauding and yelling "Good dog!"

Btw - the food was delicious!

Over lunch, we finalized our plan of attack:
-We check in to hotel and unload luggage
-Mike and Russ (there he is next to Mike - nice to meet you Russ!), they would do a short ride up a portion of Black Bear from Telluride up to Bridal Veil Falls/Powerhouse/one-way sign and come back.
-Jeremy and I would do Ophir Pass, even though it was on tomorrow's route, he wanted to check it out since we had time
-Jeremy and I would then go to Black Bear from Ouray and (take note of what I am about to say) "assess" and "see how we were feeling" and then "both agree" on what to do ...
-Also, Jeremy and I would need to borrow Mike's detailed support maps just in case since Jeremy's GPS was wonky

Our evening abode. It was a very quaint Inn! One of the most comfortable pillows I've ever slept on!

We unloaded our luggage and while Mike and Russ were checking their bikes, we were off for our afternoon ride...
There are cute dogs everywhere!

Somehow time just passed us by and it was already 3pm when we started our afternoon ride!

We're riding along and enjoying the ride when we started thinking "maybe we've gone too far" .
So we pulled over and these very nice folks confirmed we were off course and had gone too far and steered us back in the right direction.
It was all good, at least we got to see Lizard Head.
And then I saw the fuel light was lit... not sure how long it's been lit... ummm... sounds like we had enough range, so off we went...

Just FYI, for those going to Ophir from Telluride and your GPS happens to be wonky... (there is no Ophir signage, unless we missed that too)...
We headed to Ophir from Telluride via Dirt Road 625, which parallels 145.
It intersects 145 again Southbound... where we turned right, back onto 145 and we should have just kept going straight onto Ophir Rd/630/D65.

Back on the "ride" track again ...

We're ready to ride along the narrow ravine section when we see jeeps, 3 of them. So we decided to wait and let them all go so we could be in full non-stop-gas mode along this section.

Jeep 1

Jeep 2

Jeep 3

Now it was our turn!
It was rocky!
It was narrow!
It was steep!
I. had. no. idea. bikes. could. go. here. and. do. this!

Jeremy was great the entire time and full of encouragement and assurances while I held my breath (& tongue)... "hold on baby", "I got this", "we're doing great", "you're doing great", "no problem babe" ...

And we were almost to the end of the scary section...

And then... we got stuck in some big rocks...

And then... the bike died...

... the gas ...

Well, reserve is now in use and we were off... ok, maybe not... we're still stuck in the rocks...

The safest thing was for me to get off and for him to hit the gas and bomb through/over the rocks...

Made it! So proud!

I can't believe we just went up that!

He was eager to continue on and "assess" Black Bear, so just a sign pic. We'd have the opportunity to pose with the sign tomorrow, if we did this again.

So... we're riding along on a high and then...

Damn it! We were off course and had gone too far, again!

Break time! BRB!
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