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Originally Posted by Mini Trail View Post
The family and I will be camping in Camper lot B I think. At least Friday through Sunday. I have been to the track and museum but never the festival. I have a couple of questions for the experienced. I have asked a couple of them before but am still unclear.

During the show, can I ride a motorcycle around the campground and to the other places on site (swap meet, museum, track and such?)

Can I put a for sale sign on a motorcycle that isn't in the auction or swap meet?

Could I leave some cool parts on my trailer in the campground in hopes of snagging a buyer?

Has anyone done the hare scrambles course before? Are there any big hills on the course?

Can I sit outside my motorhome and drink beer at night?
Yes you can ride your bike around the perimeter road, the campground area, and the parking paddock areas. You can not ride it in the swap meet area unless you have a vendor pass/spot.

Yes you can have a sign on it. Pretty common to see bikes with for sale signs on them parked along the road. Lots of traffic will see it. Just be sure to provide a cell phone number with area code that you can answer there.

Yes you can leave some parts near your camper/trailer, as long as you are subtle about it and do not have an entire trailer worth of stuff out there. Several years folks have had parts in the campground. I bought a Ducati Tank off a fellow camped across from me a couple years ago.

Technically they say no glass bottles like pretty much every campground in existence but I have never seen that enforced and have had bottled beer before. Heck some groups bring a keg with them and have draft beer all weekend. Not much problem with over drinking and everything quiets down at a reasonable time normally. For the most part the crowd is mature enthusiasts.
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