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Originally Posted by stormdog View Post
Not realy a tunecu question but I thought maybe one of you guys might be able to enlighten me on how the fueling system "thinks"
when I am hooked up to tunecu and the bike is idling ,the injection pulse for the front cylinder drifts higher in comparision to the rear cylinder, which stays constant. at the same time I see a drop in the front cylinder O2 sensor volts to near zero. the bike then farts and every thing starts over in about a 30 second loop.
So my question is what controls the front cylinders fueling pulse independently from the rear? I have put in new O2 sensors and there is no broken wires. I have had the injectors cleaned. I have set the TPS to its correct value and done a couple of 15 minute resets.
Well the ECU controls both cylinders from separate tables for all parameters. This is done because the two cylinders (even though water cooled) operate at different temperatures and load factors which are determined in part by the physical location of the cylinders and the angle between the cylinders.
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