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The sun has gone down and it's getting dark. Now it's just a matter of getting back to the truck, only 75 miles or something. We zoom over Dewey Bridge.

Down to the riverside singletrack. Up the rock ledge. I almost loop out and request a push. On top now, I get myself into position to catch CK's front end but he rides right up it like a pro.

Through the fast road sections, it's cold again. We stop for a hand warmup next to a railroad bridge and enjoy that sagebrush smell.

Nearing Rabbit Valley now, we're going slow. CK hits a big loose rock with the rear wheel and it almost knocks him into a ravine. We're hunting through the maze for the correct path. Finally, there's the rented truck. It looks so... clean.

We're smelly buggers now, coated in grime. It's about 11:30pm and I start the water boiling for freeze-dried food while we set up the tent and remove our gear. We snarf down some sweet and sour pork, celebrate our ride, and jump into the tent. It feels like I'm on a boat and I fall asleep to the constant feeling of being in motion.

Eating a White Rim Sandwich makes one tired, because that is the best sleep I've ever had in a tent. We did about 410 miles in 20.5 hours, but more importantly, had a great ride that we'll remember for a long time.

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