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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
You got that bike of yours back together yet?
Don't need that gearbox to do the CtC. Doing the shimming. Vernier calipers aren't really accurate enough to help with that. Doing lots of sampling to get a more accurate 'fix'.

End float just didn't seem right, given the shims that had been in the box, so heated the gearbox end again & gave the shafts another wack. This time they settled in properly.

Did a little spreadsheet to calculate the shims needed, copied off Joergs.. I don't think he included the gasket, & he must have included the layshaft baffle in the shims.

Nearly forgot to put in the pressed steel oil trap.

The output seal was a pain to get out, & later a pain to get back in.

Heated the cover in the oven at 150 degrees again (the oven was already hot - we had pizza tonight). This time I got an earful because the cover must still have had some oil on it, so it was rather more fragrant in the kitchen than Mandy was prepared to tolerate.

Do you put on extra gasket cement or put on the gearbox gasket dry? I assumed dry. By that I decided that laying a bead of sealant on a hot gearbox cover wasn't for me.

Put a bit of grease on the shims & baffles to hold them in. Then retrieved the cover from the kitchen, eased it on, gave it a few wacks to settle it over the bearings, then tightened the allen bolts. So what torque setting for the cover bolts. Clymer gives 9ft lbs for 4 speeds & 24 ft lbs for 5 speeds. The 24ft lbs is plain wrong. The BMW manual says 10nm, which is 7.4 ft lbs or thereabouts. So I feel comfortable with the 9ft lbs.

Done. Gears turn, it changes gear, & everything!
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