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Worth County Courthouse, Slyvester GA and 10 more....

Came out to 425 miles miles today. Started off with very heavy ground fog and smelling of recently dug peanuts.

Location: Sylvester

GPS Coordinates: 31.52794, 83.83590

Date Built: 1905 (substantially rebuilt after 1982 fire)

Architectural Style: Neoclassical Revival

Designer: J.W. Golucke

There have been four courthouses since Worth County was created in 1853. The first courthouse was a two-story frame structure on the public square in Isabella, which was then Worth's county seat. This building burned down in 1879, and a schoolhouse was used as a temporary courthouse until a new courthouse could be built in 1893 -- but that structure soon burned also. A new courthouse was constructed the following year, but in 1904 the legislature changed the county seat from Isabella to Sylvester. The next year, a new courthouse was built on Sylvester's public square. In January 1982, the Worth County courthouse suffered major fire damage, requiring substantial rebuilding.

he legislation creating Worth County named the small settlement of San Bernard [named for Saint Bernard of Clairvaux] as temporary seat of government. The act empowered the justices of the new county's inferior court to pick any site they saw proper for a permanent county seat, and in 1854, tthey chose a site a mile to the east of San Bernard. The new settlement was amed Isabella [named for the wife. of Gen. Worth]. In 1872, a railroad built to connect Albany with Brunswick, missed Isabella by three miles to the south. Though a rail stop known as Isabella Station was built on the railroad, the county seat suffered by not being directly served by the railroad. Soon, other communities sprang up along the railroad in Worth County. By 1893, the small community of Isabella Station was known as Sylvester [the origin of the name refers to forests, though why it was chosen is unknown (though it may have been associated with one of the first settlers of the community)]. On Dec. 21, 1898, Sylvester was incorporated. By the early 1900s, Sylvester residents had launched a move to have their city designated as Worth's county seat. In 1904, a county-wide election was held and the vote favored the move. On July 1, 1904, the General Assembly formally designated Sylvester as the new seat of government for Worth County.
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