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Found Paradise at the end of 8KM of hell

Headed back to the mechanic in the morning to get the oil changed on PB, charge for labour 50 cents so I gave him a dollar and said the other 50 cents was for the bolt he gave me the previous day.
Road from Lospalos to Tutuala is pretty good, it passes by a huge lake which Iím told is home to many large crocodiles. There were kids fishing from the road where they stand in ankle deep water and should be safe however a woman was taken recently. The locals to refer to the crocodiles with the same word as they use for grandfather, seems they believe them to contain the souls of ancestors.
Looks inviting, the crocodiles thought so too photo WP_20131005_004.jpg
Some traditional structures along the road
 photo WP_20131005_003.jpg
The Patron Saint of crocodiles and small children?
Patron Saint of Crocodiles and small children? photo WP_20131005_001.jpg
From Tutuala to the beach opposite Jaco Island is 8km of extremely rough track with large loose stones on very steep and rutted declines. I had met a young French couple on a borrowed Kawasaki KLX 150 back along the road and they were heading for Jaco as well, they made it here OK but she had to walk for much of the way. Iím not feeling overly confident of being able to ride back up that track, some of the hills are very steep and long and Iím doubting the power of the little motor in PB being sufficient to carry me and the luggage up them.
On the upside, at the end of the track is a truly magical piece of real estate, a pristine white beach backed by flat level camping grounds under huge shady trees. The view from the campground is over brilliant blue sea to the nearby white beaches of Jaco.
Jaco Island photo WP_20131005_007.jpg
There are two Eco Guesthouses here with a selection of bungalows, rooms and camping. I asked about camping and food at the first place and the bloke didnít seem too interested but did say the bungalows were $20 per person and camping $10 so I explored further and came to Lakumorre Guesthouse at the end of the beach road. The reception here was far more positive and camping just $5 which includes use of toilets and showers, brilliant. Iím camped under large tamarind trees with lots of fruit lying about for the taking. I ordered lunch and set about unpacking and setting up camp
 photo WP_20131005_005.jpg
Lunch was $8 and was far too much food for one person so I took my fill and then packed the leftovers into my cooking pot for dinner.
 photo WP_20131005_006.jpg
Iíve got a reasonable heavy work shirt with me so I soaked that, wrapped the pot in it and hung it in the tree to let the wind and evaporation keep it cool until dinner time.
My morning view
 photo WP_20131006_001.jpg
A bit about Lakumorre Guesthouse. Established in 2009 it is the nicer of the two places on offer here and is very well run by a family who have owned the land for generations. They are building a new guesthouse but at the moment have a couple of rooms with either 2 or 3 single beds for $20 per person a night and a room with a double bed for $30 for the room. They also have a tent set up in the campgrounds for $10 a night or if you bring your own tent itís just $5. Meals are available for $8to $10 and are huge. Phone numbers if you want to make a booking. (Advisable on weekends)
+670 77245620 Ė 77852050 Ė 77933041
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