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Originally Posted by ClearwaterBMW View Post
what an adventure.
Did you say you took 60 kg of gear?
that seems like quite a bit.
can i ask what weighed so much?
thanks for sharing with us
great pictures... really enjoyed this thread
We took a Black Wolf 2 man tent, Mont Warmlite air beds, Roman -5C sleeping bags, a plastic tarp, cooking gear and backpackers gas stove, food for 4 days, 11 litres of water plus longlife milk and fruit juice, 750mm of grog, walking shoes, clothes for 3 days, toiletries (remember I'm traveling with a women). Also had a First Aid Kit, Camera, Spot, GPS, air bed pump, torch, spare batteries and chargers for phones, camera and GPS. Tools included a puncture repair kit. Thats about it.

The 60kg was a guess, the bags and pannier cases weighed 50kg packed and I added 10kg to cover tools and our riding gear.

The water and other fluids were overkill for this trip but I originally had planned for something more adveturous and didn't change the packing.

Glad you enjoyed it.

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