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Originally Posted by Fasttrak View Post
Great RR with an awesome subject matter, riding anywhere around CO. I love the energy you put into this RR, it made it fun and your enthusiasm shone through. Also, those little vignette photo you put together with the primary subject and the secondary elements was a great inclusion and idea, might have to steal that from you :-P
Thanks, Fasttrak! I'm still stoked about the trip and continue to be energized by the experience especially as I relive it everyday in putting this RR together and looking at the pics over and over, which I can do forever!

Re: the photo vignettes, steal away! I noticed that the pics come out pretty big on these threads, so I wanted a way to present the subjects collectively without taking up too much space on the thread and end up having too many pages.

I probably use an unconventional method. Since I'm in Finance, I love spreadsheets! So, I copy the pictures, paste them onto Excel, crop accordingly, arrange to my liking, apply any formats I like to the worksheet, utilize shapes and other formatting tools to do comment bubbles or other call outs, and then use SnagIt to capture as a pic the collage. I have photoshop and other photo/video editing tools, but I work on Excel pretty fast.

Glad you're enjoying the report... stay tuned for more!
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