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Originally Posted by draley View Post
The west end (317A) is near mile-marker 56 on the BRP. The east end comes out on Robinson Gap and has a FS post that says "1881" .

Here are the coordinates for the 317A entrance.

37.631057, -79.334036 <--copy and paste into Google Maps.

BTW, PBOB, the CB900 is one of my all time favorites. How cool that you still have one. Last year, I was looking for one but in the process I found a 1984 V65 Magna in excellent shape and I bought it. Big mistake. A day later, a guy called me with a 1982 CB900 and I immediately regretted buying the V65. I hated the seating position and was never happy with it. SOLD before I even put 500 miles on it. I've moved on now and I will probably stay away from owning vintage bikes even though I am moved by them.
Sweet! Thanks for the intel.... BTW, I actually have 2 CB900's... Haha... And a Helix and a Super Sherpa.... and a XR650L.....and an old Trail 70....
Oh and the CB900's run as good as new... 35,000miles and 18,000 miles respectively....
1982 Honda CB900c
2002 Kawasaki KL250G "Super Sherpa"
1999 Honda CN250 Helix
1995 Honda XR650L (in Shasta white and Uranus violet of course)
The list is long, I'll stop there....
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