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Originally Posted by Mava View Post
317A looks like fun. Can't believe never been on it. Does it come out at 130 if you take a left heading north on the BRP?

I was hoping for a ride this weekend, but I found a 1/4" drill bit solidly lodged in my rear tire yesterday morning. Virgil Naff didn't have time to get to it yesterday (at this point tires are the only thing I don't do on my own, which is about to change since if I had the tube I would have been riding right now).
Blah! Virgil Naff!... Last time I went there was when a buddy of mine was in the parts dept---Ben. I go to Honda of Lburg, bc I sort of have a "friendship" with Joel and he will sometimes hook you up... Everyone else is well like, just another place to work.

Go get the tire stuff from harbor frt...wheel balancer, tire irons, bead breaker- a grant total if $90. After a couple tires, you'll be a pro. Just make sure u use a torque wrench when reinstalling... If not you could over tighten and cause a whole bunch of wierd handling me I know
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