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6/9/13- Sunday Ė Iím Hheading to Fairbanks today via the Top Of The World Highway. I stopped to fill the gas in Dawson City at 7:00AM. The lady at the gas station was chatting with few locals on the growing bears population in the area, everyone was sharing his latest bear encounter. Very close community.
I crossed the river with the ferry, once on the other side of the river, the gravel started after few miles. The gravel road had many potholes but itís packed. It was dry for the most part. The road is twisty, curvy with many ups and downs. Outstanding view, rivers, snow, trees, mountains, valleys, blue sky, sunny... Just beautiful. The feeling on paved road and gravel is different. There are other factors while riding on gravel that makes it more fun and adventurous. After about two hours on the gravel, I arrived at the border crossing into Alaska, finally. On the American side the gravel continues. I arrived at Chicken, I stopped to refuel and ordered Fish and Chips, it was great and tasty. Time wise I'm doing good, I told Dan from Adventure Cycleworks that I should be at 6pm at his house to change tires and oil. I ordered the tires in advanced.
I stopped at Tok and the Delta junction. At the Delta junction I had triple Expresso , yeh....and met outside another local rider on a Harley, Randy, very nice man who shared some of his experience in this part of the world. We chatted for 30min and exchanged info and I continued to Fairbanks.
At Fairbanks, I checked for a camping spot for the night, than refuel and headed to Danís house. Dan work is meticulous, clean and neat. Great work habits. New shoes were installed in 45 min.
Ok, back to planning, the weather is great in Fairbanks but forecast is rain and snow north of Coldfoot which is half way between Prudhoe Bay and Fairbanks. I thought either I go north to the Arctic Ocean or south to Anchorage and Seward. I had the urge to go to the Arctic Ocean but I wasn't sure on the weather. I called the hotel in Prodhoe Bay and the lady said it is rainy, a bit snowy but looks good for the next few days. I decided to go north. I said goodbye to Dan and told him I'll be back in two days to change the oil.

Back to the campsite, Öplenty of mosquitos.....terrible, Iím trying to setup the tent but I guess I may need head-net this time.
Ok, time to sleep. I'm exhausted.

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