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6/10/13 – Monday, I’m heading to Coldfoot 220 miles north of Fairbanks. Coldfoot is the only way to refuel before the Arctic Ocean. I'm still debating about the weather and decided to make the final call at the end of the day. The road to Coldfoot is Alaska 2 and 11. For some reason I took route 6.... I guess this is what happens when the GPS is used only as a reference. Believe it or not but the GPS I have with me doesn’t have the maps for the trip. The card has the maps for NH/VT and MA. I use real paper maps for the whole trip. I had the GPS to indicate speed and confluence points. There was a sign says circle and for some reason I went that direction. After one hour of riding I figured something is not right. I stopped, look at the map and sure enough I'm off path. Went back to Fairbanks refuel and took Alaska 2. I reached the Dalton Highway which is gravel road all the way up the Arctic Ocean. The road is packed and good, not too bad. It's sunny day, warm…lovely. I see a moose on the left side, down shifting, slow down, clear, go. After about 50 miles the road started to be wet, not bad still good traction, I'm standing on the pegs, enjoy the moment. After a while the road become slippery and muddy, now it's a bit of a challenge. I slowed down and the road goes uphill and downhill, pretty nice. I made it all the way to the Hotspot which it is a burger joint, 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle or 120 miles south of Coldfoot. The burger is HUGE and JUICY. The lady at the Hotspot told me NOT to go the Arctic Ocean because of the weather tomorrow. She told me once you are over the pass its winter time and not safe. I paid and thanked the lady and continue to the Arctic Circle. I met few people from Ohio, we chatted for a while and took some pictures. I continued to Coldfoot while they went back to Fairbanks. At Coldfoot I refuel and asked about the weather at the visitor center. The man says tomorrow it will be rain and snow. The lady said a bit of rain. I decided to make the call in the AM. It was already 8pm, I was tired. A room in Coldfoot camp is $200/night I decided to camp tonight. I rode to Marion campground. I was the only one in the facility. I put $8 in the envelope and setup the tent.
I decided to wake up at 3AM and start riding north.

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