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Eek Trouble in Paradise

It was 3.00am and I was abruptly woken by a sharp pain in my elbow, torch on I took a look

Two puncture wounds and my elbow already swelling up, I had one thought...scorpion and it must be in my bed somewhere.

I searched round but couldn't find one, there's a mosquito net over the bed so nothing could have fallen on me.
I saw this little guy

A centipede about 4-5 inches long. I knocked him off onto the floor and he scurried away.

The next morning when I saw my host, he saw my elbow, announced there are no scorpions on this island and that it's a centipede bite. He was appalled when, upon asking if I had killed it, I reluctantly admitted I'd merely taken its photo not realising it was the culprit.
Apparently it's a pretty nasty poison, bites can swell to the size of a mango and remain like that for weeks. I was lucky, just small swelling but I was feeling nauseous for the rest of the day until the toxin was out of my body.
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