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Originally Posted by zeegman View Post
Can't thank you enough Prev for taking the time to put this ride report together. Takes a lot of time and thought to put together something that captures a trip in an interesting way.
Also a big congrats to you Prev for being a real trooper on this ride since it was your first long adventure ride.
I want to also thank Jeremy and Russ for making it a fun challenging trip.


Now I will shut up and let's get on with the report!


Hi Mike! Thank you! I'm thankful I made it back alive, in one piece and fully functioning as normal (for me)! You guys were great - in humor, in patience and in advising! And feel free to chime in anytime!

Originally Posted by ExpatADV View Post
Wow. Much respect to you guys doing black bear in those conditions. Sketchy enough in the daylight but fog and darkness would be nuts. On the other hand not seeing the drop might have helped!

Thanks ExpatADV! It was sketchy but fun in an insane in the membrane sort of way! And yes, you are quite right - not seeing the drop helped (me anyway)!

Originally Posted by Questor View Post
I know you guys...
I remember seeing you at the KTM event.
So happy to see your Ride Report.


Hi there, Questor! I remember you from the rally too! Glad you found us and tuned in! How was your ride back home?

Originally Posted by Diggerled View Post
Awesome video on Black Bear steps. Really brought a smile to my face.

Thank you, Diggerled! I can smile about it now too!
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