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Next morning woke to clear blue skies. I had read about this area being full of ICBM's once upon a time; needed to head south towards Lawn that is where I found the turn off

It was a really great ride and was hoping to catch a glimpse, unfortunately all I saw were numerous locked gates posted 'NO TRESPASSING". I knew these were the roads as they were straight narrow with very old crumbling pavement. But it was a great relaxing ride

Here some interesting information about the "Atlas ICBM Highway"

You might find this interesting too: "Missile Base Bachelor Pad"

Stayed on the thinnest black line roads I could ride and they were all great two lane roads with 65 and 70 mile per hour posted limits. I saw so many old houses along the way that are slowly being reclaimed by the elements and nature, I pasted through numerous small town that appeared to be holding on to life by their preverbal fingernails from good times long past. Sometimes I felt as if I were passing through Sparta from in the "Heat of the Night"

I was now feeling the humid air too

This was innovative on keeping grounds maintenance down Artificial Tuff

Random Shots

Well that's pretty much it for now, as this is a long over due trip for me to visit family I've been away for many, many years. I also have to lay to rest some old scars/grudges, along with some adolescent memories.

Had to go see Mama in Louisiana Haven't been here in 25 years, since I buried her. way over due.

So I'll leave you with this for now. I had a Great time reconnecting with family. Alas this is not the end of this ride, I parked my steed in my Sister's Garage and will fly back down in February 2014

That's my great nephew, he emulated everything I did with my bike followed me around everywhere.

I have places and things yet to do and the first on my list when I return is:

Mardi Gras in Lafayette La. Great Food! and down to earth Zydeco Music

I know this is not an exciting climbing a mountain, white knuckle mayhem, rock strewn kinda ride, but for me in was just want the doctor ordered.

I'll pick this up again in 2014

See you out there
My Ride South of the Border
Riding Nevada's Pony Express Trail May 2013

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