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DAY 4 Continued: Telluride to Lake City (COBDR)

Spoiler Alert!
If you're planning on doing Ophir or Black Bear tomorrow or in the near future and have never done it, then you may not want to *read* this little story I'm about to tell... it's up to you.

You can come back here after your ride and read away, if you like.
The story ends at the Porky Pig video and I will continue on with the RR separately and thereafter... but the story starts right now...


Meet Roma. We met him atop Ophir Pass - we just passed his jeep right before reaching the summit.
He is from Telluride Outside, "an animal rescue, rehab and return advocate" in the area. He's been doing this for over 50 years!

He had a group of concerned citizens with him and they were about to release a rescued and rehabilitated badger from the area and we just happened to be right on time for the release.

Roma gathered all his group over and called us to come over too... but not too close. He began to talk about what had happened that led him here and what was about to happen.

"Now folks, several months ago we rescued a young badger that had an injured tail from this area.
The injury was minor and we were able to nurse it back to health and have come here today to release it back to nature."

He went to his truck and took out a wooden cage with chicken wire atop covered by canvas.
He lifted the canvas and showed us the inside. We were hoping to see the young badger but it was hiding in a cave within its cage, where it was hiding and protecting itself from all the outside noise.
We could see a protrusion of fur and it was moving as the badger took a breath.

"Please, folks... stay calm and do not move. I'm going to go over here and prepare to open the hatch... you can go ahead and have your cameras ready."

He stepped about 5 feet away from us and started to put the casing down... but before he could set it on the ground...

The latch came open!

The badger flew out into the air and hit Mike directly in the chest, causing him to curse and jump back! Jeremy, standing near Mike, jumped away! There was a brief moment of absolute fear, shock, and silence...

And then we all looked over to where the badger was...

Suddenly, thunderous laughter filled the air!

We thought we were about to get mauled by this... but we got punked by fuzz instead!

Turns out, Roma is from Telluride Outside which is a Jeep Tour and he was en route to Black Bear via Ophir and he thought he'd play a little joke on us.

Well done, Roma! Sir! Well done! You at least got Mike and Jeremy.
Russ and I were too busy questioning what a badger was doing out here and why were Roma's group of concerned citizen's standing so far away with smiles on their faces...

Note, Mike is still gingerly approaching said badger to take a pic... who can blame him, eh?

Ahhhhh... what a spectacular way to start off the day! Thank you, Roma! You are awesome!

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