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We figured we would camp at the Fairgrounds in Tygh Valley where the Ladies Ride gals camped the night before even though they were already gone and would be camped at Timothy Lake. I spotted the camping area at the Fairgrounds and while it didnít look all that great it looked OK. I didnít want to make the decision for all of us so I stopped at the gate to see what the other two thought. Just as I was asking them "music" started to play, incredibly bad music. Rainbow007 said someone mentioned to her there was a music festival taking place at the fairgrounds that weekend. Iím sure the people there were having fun but it wasnít the place for us and off we went.
I remembered White River Falls State Park was nearby so we headed for it thinking the park would have camping. The ride was nice but when we got to the park we discovered itís a day use park. Darn, but since we were there we would check it out.

We had a nice break, took a walk and enjoyed the falls.
OK we at two tries for camping and still no luck. I knew there was camping along the Deschutes River near Maupin so we would head toward Maupin and find a camping spot along the river.
We stopped at a viewpoint above the river and watched some Native Americans fishing.

They were using nets and long poles.

Then we started seeing people floating the river and camps full of people along the river, one full camp after another. Oh the parties on the river would be good that night.

We kept going until we got to Maupin. It was getting late and it was looking like we were going to have a difficult time finding a place to stay. Just at the edge of town was a motel and we stopped to see if they had a vacancy. They did and we got the last two rooms.

MTLee was pleased to be assigned the Buckskin Mary room.


And she didnít follow the parking directions.


Rainbow007 laughing about something, could be anything.


Geez Iím a doofus.



MTLee decided to take pictures of stickers.


She was giggling while she was taking the pictures.


Time for bike maintenance.

Rainbow007 holding the bike while MTLee lubes the chain. The man watching is the owner of the motel. He wanted to hang out with us and visit.



OK now I should feel guilty, thatís my bike getting the chain lubed and Iím taking pictures while they are doing the work.


I missed what was going on here. I know Rainbow007 and MTLee were giggling which there was plenty of and then all the sudden Rainbow007 was doing pushups.


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