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Well, it's all over and it is quiet this Monday morning. Great final awards show!

It was good to see a South American (Quintanilla - Chilean) take the 1st place in the motos! David C in 2nd and Cyrill never even showing on day 3 (major engine problems). The Chilean racers seem to have such a great spirit, but the Chilean public don't seem to get it. I won't be suprised if Chile is dropped from the Dakar for a whie!

Then to see a Bolivian (Bulacia) take the car/pickup category in the end was fantastic! Not only was it a good run-up to the Dakar coming to Bolivia for the first time, but he also took the Dakar Challenge, assuring his (free) entry in 3 months!

Sorry that I was not equipped (on this one) to upload updates, photos and videos. Maybe something that we will work on for when the Dakar comes back to Peru next year as Etienne promised. I saw Etienne a few times at the Ceremonial start and Awards, but it seemed that he took a secondary roll.... Interesting....

And talking about interesting... What does Etienne mean by the hints dropped in this little write-up (I won't give the translation because that even can ccause more confussion!):

"En otro momento, aseguró que el Perú está dentro de los futuros proyectos ligados al Dakar, tanto el Desafío Inca del próximo año, como para los planificados el 2015 y 2016.

El espíritu de la competencia es que setrata de un evento nómade desde su primera edición, cada año cambiaremos la filosofía del recorrido. Gustamos mucho de la idea de volver al Perú y descubrir nuevos países como Ecuador y Colombia”, precisó."

from the article:

"Those friends thou hast... and their adoption tried... grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel. But do not dull thy palm with entertainment of each new-hatch'd, unfledg'd comrade...." Polonius in Hamlet
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