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Originally Posted by error cooled View Post
My 2 cents - hope this gets to you in time.

If you are in Woodstock now I would head west - not east. The mountain FDR374 is on is nice but the better riding is in the west. You are better off taking the yellow bypass labeled Crooked Road / Covered Bridge which heads west out of Mt Jackson. You go up over the mountains and then back down 259 into Bergton and into the GWNF on German River Rd. That is the best bang for the buck so to speak.. or you could jump on the track listed BRT Part 3.

Not sure what you rode at the S500 due to the permit issue - but there is some over lap on those mountains.
The permits weren't an issue for the S500... I didn't see a single park ranger (or a cop, either) all weekend. I don't mind doing some of those trails again- they were fun. Plus, I don't have the bypasses on my gps (I tried to trim parts of the BRT-mostly pavement parts).
The weather today looks like crap all day (rain and thunderstorms apparently all day). So, I decided to start a day later. I'm just trying to figure out wtf to do all day (I have my truck- just don't know where to go).
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