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Just a heads up to anyone with a 2013 F800GS -- the Best RestShock Bolt Support Brace ddoes not fit the 2013 F800GS without significant modification. I have the ESA version but I doubt that it is different that the other 2013 in this respect.

I had to remove a .324" slab from a significant part of the lower portion of the brace to make it work on mine (this was not removed from the area where the shock bolt goes through or the area where it bolts to the frame but rather the area which loops under the tubular frame portion. If I had a milling machine there was probably a more elegant and less invasive approach but I didn't.

The 2013 model now has a threaded boss, a bolt, and a plastic bracket installed on the large tubular portion of the frame that the brace slips around (sorry I didn't think to take picture until I'd already made the mods and installed it -- I was a little frustrated at the time). I don't think the modification significantly alters the functionality or basic integity of the brace. I will be calling David at Best Rest later today to let him know what I found. So anyhow heads up for you 2013 owners.

Has anybody else with a 2013 confirmed/ posted any pictures of their upper mount? Im looking at purchasing 2013 model and would like to know if the using the Best Rest brace is the best option.

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