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Originally Posted by cellige View Post
Question about downshifting !

Seems to be that the technique used out on the track (mainly without a slipper clutch) is to downshift while braking, releasing the clutch for each gear, finishing your braking/downshifting before you lean the bike, lean the bike and then immediately after done leaning, roll on the throttle.

I would like to know why there is an advantage doing that method instead of: braking, downshifting through each gear with the clutch held in, leaning the bike and immediately after leaning getting the clutch in the friction zone/rolling on the throttle/getting clutch all the way out.

So whats the deal?
The method you describe would lead to too much instability introduced at corner entrance. Also sounds like a lot of wear of the clutch.

Your first sentence is the correct method for most racers (at least as I was taught at the riding school I went to) with the exception for the fact that you'll want to be on your brakes in a decreasing amount all the way to the apex - more lean angle, less brakes. Most racers prefer to use the clutch going down through the gears and releasing the clutch slightly at each change down. Using the clutch on up changes in less common.
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