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Originally Posted by cellige View Post
pretbek, perhaps its just my lack of skill but it seems on my bike that even if I crack the throttle on the smallest amount I can, its still not smooth, whereas I can get the power on (in the same amount of time) by engaging the clutch/throttle very smoothly. Is that not common?
You're talking about when the throttle comes back on while the clutch is fully released? Each bike is a bit different when it come to how abruptly it comes back on. You may want to feather the clutch a bit to smooth the power delivery, because rough throttle engagement can upset the suspension in a similar manner as rough shifts.

I enjoy letting the clutch out in each gear while doing rev matched downshifts. Not only is it just plain fun, but it also helps me to develop better use of the controls. I can tell when I'm having a good day when deceleration remains smooth even as I switch back and forth between engine braking and using the brakes. Early in my ride, I will make the decision of how aggressive I am willing to ride that day, and that is one of the indicators.
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