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Great videos. In the Day 2 video, the road (if you want to call it a road) from the 3:34 point to the 26:27 point is called Walker Mountain Rd (VA Forestry road 206). My son and I manuevered thru it yesterday in his Jeep Wrangler (now very well scratched and mud covered - which he loves) in the opposite direction that you guys went. I think the direction we went is easier because it was mostly downhill for us, which made traversing the large rocks a much simpler task. It is also much more passable and rider friendly now because I took a chainsaw and some limb cutters along for the ride and cut away some fallen branches/trees so that it is as "bushwacky" as it was before. Oh, by the way...the large puddle you guys went around is not as bad as it looks, we drove thru it and it was about 12-16 inches deep at most.Thanks for sharing the video, now I can show my wife how crazy/sketchy that road is.
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