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Frequently asked and answered questions. My inbox is getting pounded with these and I thought it would be a good idea to put the answers out in this thread.

I want to clear up some misconceptions regarding the SW7 product.

"Copycat Design?"

The basic baseplate design to utilize an ITG style filter has been around for quite some time. So, in essence, we're all copycats. It was popularized in club and professional road and dirt track racing, various Porsche enthusiast circles, and by experimental aircraft folks.
An example would be Coast Fabrication, a great outfit which has been selling these type of baseplates for many years for numerous applications. The remarkable innovation in the SW7 system is the patent pending sealing method utilizing space-age, custom molded polymer grommets, rather than inexpensive o-rings.

We spec an aviation quality aluminum alloy baseplate for this application due to it's remarkable anti-corrosive properties and fatigue resistance. The plate is precision cut to our CNC specs utilizing a 4000 watt Amada Gemini CO2 laser. The baseplates are then moved into a HAAS CNC milling machine for final machining. The finished baseplate is then hard anodized to a classified milspec. It's bombproof.

"Aluminum heatsoaks!"

Recent misconceptions regarding aluminum baseplate "heatsoak" is non-sensical in this application. The aluminum baseplate weighs under 100 grams, and dumps heat remarkably fast. It heats quickly, but cools quickly. It's one of the fantastic material qualities of aluminum. If the baseplate were required to be significantly more massive, say, for a turbocharged V8 intake plenum, then the mass of the material would be significant, and we'd spec an autoclaved carbon fiber composite.

"Why not a injection molded baseplate?"

It's heavier, not thermally stable, retains heat longer, and in our opinion, perhaps not the most economical and best solution for the application. Our engineering analysis lead us back to aluminum alloys after consulting experts in metalurgy, materials science and thermodynamics and after exploring various composite options.

"Garage Shop?"

Hardly. SW7 is uniqely located in the Technology Corridor of North Carolina. We utilize the most sophisticated, multi-million dollar equipment available on the planet, not antiques. We have hundreds of kits out in the market, and not a single failure or return. We're convinced that our product is not only the least expensive on the market, but the best one on the market. Period.

"How come your product is sigificantly less expensive than your competitors?"

Because we're smart enough to not to have to carry the burden of huge shop overhead, and can take advantage of precision equipment at low cost, we pass the savings and expertly crafted products to you, our customer.

We don't bother with stenciling our name on the ITG filter, applying decals, or engraving our product. It just adds cost. We are motorcycle enthusiasts, like you. We believe you deserve the finest product at the lowest cost. Why spend more?

"Jetting Experts?"

SW7 has spent literally hundreds of hours working with jetting manufacturers to help design a product that works on the carbureted LC8's in the 'real world'. We're here to help your LC8 run like KTM never could.
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