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Those tricky caches are a lot of fun when you finally find them. Sometimes they are a lot of laughs.

My favorite was shortly after I started caching. I talked Rainbow007 into going with me to look for a cache near her house. It was in a brushy wooded area. The trees were all small with a diamenter of 2-4 inches. We looked and looked. Rainbow was getting bored with this tromping around in the bushes and getting slapped in the face with branches so she pulled up a chunk of wood and had a seat while watching me looking and looking and looking. Finally we gave up.

When I got home I looked up the cache and read about two years worth of find posts looking for clues. The clue I came away with was that the cache was clever . The next day I talked Rainbow into going out there again. It took us a while but we finally found it. It was in that chunck of wood she was sitting on the day before. The bark on one side had been removed, a hole cut into the wood for the cache then the bark was velcroed back on.

The chunk of wood was way out of place, it was a different type of wood and much larger than the little trees in the area.

We've laughed about that one a number of times.
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