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Forlorn that none of us with have a hand at the final obstacles, we also get to have a nice relaxing evening. The next morning we treat ourselves to a leisurely bfast at Cracker Barrel before we head back over to see what is in store for the top 12.

We are excited that non-riders will be allowed on the back field. We start walking back and the then the first team joins us. It seems the rules of engagement have changed. The 12 riders have chosen colored poker chips from a hat. They are grouped into 4 groups/3 riders per group. They are also now also on BMW performance steeds vice their own sleds.

Each group has been told they are being timed and scored on their teamness. The "trail" is nothing more than tape which creates a pattern about 5-7 feet wide forcing them to "ride" all kinds of crap.

Early on the course...a tree slightly too narrow to ride the bike through

There will be lots of pushing, pulling and grunting

Over some rock ledges like it's a 300-lb two stroke or something

Ross had an interesting sense of humor. There are all these monster obstacles and he marks this one as a trip hazard

(JUST KIDDING, he was using these to mark the early stages of the course before the tape was up)

Next up was this ledge. They are not allowed to ride this until the bike is on the far side.

Knowing that this is timed, no faster way to the bottom than giving it a "ghostie" and pushing it off the ledge. It is after all a brand new, never been dropped $15K bike owned by Corporate. What could go wrong?

The judges sat in awe. On one hand, if time was the factor you were optimizing, that was the fastest way to bottom. They said they never thought of someone doing that! However, they did remind the team the bike had to be running at when it crossed the finish line.

This team had the best finesse for the obstacle. Put it in gear, and let the bike drag itself down:

Notice the bike is fuzzy side up..rather than the previous 'ghostie'

I think they ended up in the same river no less than 4 times

Team 1 had an incredible technique...rolling the front tire by hand was very effective

The by standards got schooled pretty quick. Despite setting a rainfall record yesterday and drenching the earth, they still managed to find dry dirt to roost us. Don't worry, we wised up not to stand behind the tire after than one..

And then there was the man-made obstacles..

No doubt the boys had there work cut out for them..gravity will always be 32.1740 ft/s working against you.

They probably only went 1/2 mile...but boy did they get some camaraderie in that time! At this point I am **almost** happy to be on the far side of the tape.
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