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Originally Posted by Tonk View Post
Just looking for the best area in the country to ride a bike year round?

I'm thinking SoCal?? Nice weather year round, good terrain and a good starting point to ride in places like Mexico, the Rockies, and even Alaska. Traffic, not so sure tho?

Working out so far to be a pretty good jumping off point... there's a fair share of roads to keep a bit entertained within reasonable distance "locally". head OUT... and there's even more for a long weekend. the super slab can get you pretty far pretty fast in a variety of directions and then you can head off, like branches on a tree with the base my home, san diego. (haven't experienced the roots for a long time... mexico and central america is still on my radar but I have a few reservations "just yet" for my own personal reasons)

traffic in the metropolitan areas? yep. can seriously suck at times. that's what the lane splitting is for.

idk.. there's a big wide world out there with plenty of riding. I think the trick is not to get too bored locally and be able to extend your reach as you mentioned. you can have great rides within a short drive... but how long can that keep you entertained? for some, a LONG TIME. it's like having a big mud puddle in the back yard... how many times you going to take your 4x4 through it until it just gets old?
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