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Originally Posted by mark444 View Post's perfectly OK to sell your mini's inside the campground or out of the back of your truck wherever it's parked........but I wouldn't park a whole trailerload of parts and skeleton bikes. And you could always push a "mini" to an area where lots of folks will be walking.......put a For Sale sign on it with a cell phone number. I would just be alittle hesitant about leaving it there all day unless it's chained up somehow? If you know anyone in the Swap Meet area, they might let you display them there. I would offer, but my space is already over-flowing with buddies' bikes for sale......
Thanks again. I thought we would be able to ride them around to the different areas and find buyers who were tired of walking. I'm still bringing one to hopefully sell and a bigger kind of legal bike to ride.
Your cycle had a bell on it.
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