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DAY 4 Continued: Telluride to Lake City (COBDR)

UGH... somehow posted last reply too soon...
This one is short and quick as it's the ending of our day...

So, we got to the Visitor's Center and the clerk found us a resort with 2 vacancies, 1 of which, just opened up.

This was our home for the night. Westwood Resort. They had 2 cabins available for us each with 2 BR, 1 BA, living rooms and kitchen with supplies.
Note: We had Room 6 and if you stay here and you have a choice, do not get that room, unless they fixed the plumbing issue.
Our bathroom stunk like a backed up septic tank - so ask first.
Otherwise, the rooms were fine.

When we went to the General Store, it was Closed.
FYI, pretty much everything opens at 11AM and closes by 5PM.

But we lucked out with The Sportsman Store, it was still open. And he had yummy fudge!

For dinner, we ate at... where else...

For those new to Poker Alice, it's very delicious! It's pretty much self service: - you walk in and to your left, you get a menu, you go to the counter,
you order, you pay for your food/drinks, there are paper plates, utentils, cups, drink dispensers, and you clean up after yourself too.

As we devoured our plates and gulped our drinks down, we talked about the plan for tomorrow - little did we know, it would prove to be one of the best and challenging days of the trip!
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