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I'm slowly figuring out how to post with this tablet gizmo. Here is a picture from Thursday, a guy knows he is in Moosejaw when the crosswalk sign looks like this:

This is how we ended our day in Belfield on Friday:

So there were a couple of firsts for us back on Saturday: it was the first time we (the wife and I) ever rode on ice and also the first time we ever passed a working snow plow on the highway. She might not have thought I was nervous enough but there certainly were some pucker moments. Sitting in the café in Bowman we began to re-think our game plan. After some deliberation we decided to head straight west instead of south and carry on until we could get around the snow. We heard that going to South Dakota was a bad idea because the snow in Deadwood was quickly stacking up.

After a short ride we crossed into Montana where the conditions quickly improved. Also I had never ridden in Montana before and decided it was very scenic and beautiful.

Rolled over lucky sevens somewhere in there

Saturday night we got into Billings and had some steaks at the Texas Roadhouse which was great. Apparently there were more than 40 staff making everything run smoothly that night. Food and staff were both great.
Sunday morning we started by checking out the pictograph caves close to Billings. Unfortunately not too much to see due to degradation over time but the weather was really starting to look up and we were in no hurry to be rushing away.

Our journey today was pretty short, we toured through the Craters of the Moon lava field, incredible to imagine how folks would have made their way through this area with horses and wagons a couple hundred years ago. Ran into some folks working for Klim on great big adventure bikes, two KTMs and a BMW.
Made it to Twin falls after a rest in Shoshone, rode down into the gorge, yapped with a base jumper from Brazil then rode back out. Tomorrow we're looking to rend a canoe and maybe a kayak and paddle up river a little to enjoy this wonderful weather!
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