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I have just returned from five months riding around Europe, and the most scary part was driving with a mate from London, who insisted on having long conversations on his phone, by blue tooth ear fitting.

He acknowledged that texting while driving was illegal, and stated, vehemently, that he didn't do it, but couldn't see that searching for a number on his phone while driving was functionally the same thing.

Because he was "phoning" not "texting", it wasn't illegal, to him, but this didn't mean he was paying attention to where he was going, or who was near. He got well bent out of shape when I complained about this, as he thinks of himself as a motorcyclist, and has a speed record, at Bonneville, to his name, and so thinks the normal laws don't apply to him.

This seems to be a blind spot of all phone users when it comes to cages, they can do it safely in their own imagination, until it all goes pear shaped.

This, multiplied by the vast number of drivers in Europe, was worrying on so many levels.

I haven't ridden in the US, yet, and so can only assume it is the same, if not worse, there.

It was a relief to get home to Un-populated Tasmania, where the law of averages means I am "safer".

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Just to give a UK perspective on the cell phone whilst driving thing. Here, I personally know three close friends who've been busted (fined and points on the licence) for using their phone whilst driving. Two of these were lawyers and didn't fight it, so it must be fairly easily enforceable here.

They're also in the process of introducing speed cameras (God only knows how this will work) that can also detect the driver using a phone, even if the vehicle isn't speeding.
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