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Day 3 Ė Part 1
Sunday July 28, 2013
We were up early but an early start wasnít in the cards since the gas station didnít open until 8:00 am and we needed gas. We had an errand we wanted to take care of and had time to do it before the station opened.

The night before the owner of the motel recommended the Rainbow Tavern for dinner. We had dinner there and Rainbow007 took a photo of her bike in front of the tavern.

She wasnít that thrilled with the picture and preferred to have one without the bouncer in the picture. Early on a Sunday morning should be a good time to do this.

The window on the side of the building looked sort of cool and I tried to get a good picture there but I got more reflection than picture.

A grumpy guy with the keys to the tavern ruined the photo shoot, yelling and cussing about the bike on the sidewalk. He was yelling "I donít know where youíre from but we donít park on the sidewalk here". There were a few other things yelled with some choice words added. Apparently heís not a morning person. Here are three goofy women on motorcycles giggling, laughing and taking pictures in a tourist town and heís yelling at us.

Maupin, OR isnít on my list of places I want to return to.
After that it was time for the gas station to be opened so that was our next stop.
The people here were much friendlier, they didnít care where we parked and let us take all the pictures we wanted.

Rainbow007 made a new friend.

MTLee said her clutch felt sticky so she was checking it out. The guy working at the gas station asked her what was wrong and helped her check it. It ended up everything was fine with the clutch. This is a new bike for MTLee and she is getting used to the differences between her old Valkerie and the TW200.
The nice gas station people made up for the nasty tavern people.
From Maupin,_OR we rode the Bakeover Rd. the 25 miles to Shaniko,_OR.
I remember the ride being pleasant but for some reason I didnít take any pictures. There must not have been anything spectacular along the way.
We spent some time here:

The school was built in 1901. It used to be light yellow with brown trim and I liked how it looked that color better than the present color. Believe it or not they didnít ask my opinion before painting it.

There were a number of these signs though out town. Welcome to ShanikoÖ.

Ice Cream!!!

Ooooooo no Mr. Bill, itís not open. Weíll be back.

Letís check out the Texaco Station

We were batting a thousand this morning. We walked across that dead grass toward the Texaco station and were greeted by an elderly man that came out of the station. He lectured us about the rattlesnakes in the area asking if we had seen the sign and telling us the dangers of being in that grassy area. He wasn't impressed that we were wearing boots and told us how far a hospital was from Shaniko and we could die from snakebite. Heís right about one thing, if a snake bit me I probably would die, from a heart attack, since Iím terrified of snakes.

He was trying to be nice and didnít want us to get bit by a wild snake but I sure was feeling like a bad child being scolded for the second time that morning.
We checkout the cool old Texaco Station with no gas.

The wedding chapel was at one time a school and a church. Now if you have a desire to get married you can do it there. I wonder if the rattlesnakes will attend the service?

Nice house

Shanikoís welcoming committee greeted us and she sure was nice.

The nice lady told us to be sure to see the barn and that she would go unlock it for us. OK we can follow directions sometimes.

Ooooooooo looky there, more car shopping and this time we get to choose from pickups too.




I think they are trying to tell us something.

Needed to visit the facilities. The picture didnít grab the upper windows very well. In the left window is manís legs and the right has a womanís legs.

This is the first time I have seen a toilet flush by pushing a red button in the tank.

We better start obeying those signs around town or they might put us in this.

And take us here.


Uh oh, they already got Rainbow007.

Jailbreak, almost.


The wanted posters were fun to read and check out the bird nest above them.

There were baby birds in the nest.

The mama bird was outside when we came in and when she wanted to come back in MTLee was standing in the doorway and got dive-bombed by the bird.
Iíll leave you visiting with the bird and be back later to show you more of Shaniko.
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