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Originally Posted by Zeid View Post
85% humidity? In Phoenix? Either you got here a day after a monsoon or you were smokin something pretty potent. Even then, there's pretty much no way for it to be 117 after a monsoon here, those cool it way down.

And the dry heat, that's the big joke here, everyone knows it- the heat is the driest there is. It doesn't get any dryer. And you judged a desert city because it was hot one day?

It's a beautiful place, very clean city, mostly new, fancy and well taken care of stuff everywhere, great roads, great places around it. Think Palm Springs XXXL. I will say though, the place is gigantic, very big and spread out a long ways so if you don't like big cities it wouldn't be for you. Unless you can live just outside of town in one of the communities. For me? I have to commute over an hour to work every day from North Phoenix to downtown and the traffic is horrible in the morning.

Ay yi yi! What side branch of Hell is that second pic???
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