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Day 7

Liaison 100 km
Special 141 km
Liaison 20 km
Special 200 km

What a day or to finish, first you have to finish each day.

Approximately 10 km in to liasion I found rider #31 on the Tarmac with pain in a arm shoulder, helped him up and found out that he crashed with a horse !! A few minutes later one of the race car joined us and called organisation, rider went back to the bivouac to get some medical treatment.

Continued to the start of the special, a great sand track with a few washouts pulled hard at start a catches the rider in front of me and at km 50 we there passing two more riders who been crashing at a washout but both are fine. Started to get the feeling that it could be a podium finish today, but reality will soon be back.

At km 77 I did not recognize myself in the RB and the riders in front of me there also starting to ride around in circles and headed of in different directions, I headed back to km 73 at the last WP and started to follow the RD back again still I could not find the right track tested several options. After some time the rest of the bikes and cars there riding around trying to find the right track. Suddenly I see rider #31 on the track again and he must have been healing fast.

Well after 20-30 minutes I give up convinced that it must be some errors in the RD and I head for the next WP understanding that I will miss the CP at km 100, but I'm fully convinced that the stage will be cancelled due to RD error as everybody is running around as headless chickens.

Close to next WP I see some track coming from left and realize that somebody have made it, well I started to follow the track backwards staying 5 meters to the side of the track as I'm soon start to meet some riders and by the end I have meet everybody in the race. Finally I also found CP 1 and I'm really disappointed to myself, one the way back I there driving like mad beating myself and the Berg to the limit managed to pick 7 riders to the finish line of the first stage as I arrive as bike 16 and have lost 1.5 hours on the top riders.

Still irritated on myself during second stage and I really try to regain time on the riders in front of me, the track there absolutely great with a lot of sand tracks and in the end some dunes at the end I see my brother & Stina out watching the race in the dunes.
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