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I've been away from ADV for awhile, and just saw this thread. I am a bit shocked at the level of drama and butt-hurt that seems to be going on this year. I've only been to the last two of these, so I am a noob. Regardless, I like the Kernville spot. My first year I was on my strom and had some great road/dirt road rides all over the place. Last year I was on my plated smoker and had an absolute blast riding trails, some of which were pretty darned challenging.

For me, WARPED = Kernville. I have gone on a lot of VERY adventurous weekend trips, and those are great. For me, WARPED is not supposed to be about all out adventure. It is a gathering of grumpy FFs during which obscene amounts of beer are consumed, stories are traded, and a bit of riding happens (or not). Again, I'm a noob and I recognize that my opinion doesn't hold the same sway as some of the old timers....
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