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Originally Posted by Mgbgt89 View Post
I love driving a stick. Then when some asshole honks at me for looking both ways before flooring it into the intersection I can drop the clutch and stall it.
This guy I once worked with in Houston, big guy, was in a little Toyota at a light and the lady behind him honked as soon as the light went green.

He put the car in park, unfolded himself from it and walked back to the lady.

As he tells it she was cowering, looking very frightened. He lightly tapped on her window, smiling.

She inches it down just a little.

He asked, "Did you honk?"

She nodded.

He then said, "The horn is designed and installed on cars as an attention-getting device and I wanted you to know that you now have my complete and undivided attention. Is there anything I can do to help you?"

She shook her head no.

He got back in his car, waited for the next green and went on his way.

I loved that story when he told it and still love it today.

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