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Bret aka Ghost will be posting his pics etc. after work.

It was definitely a very ambitious weekend. Glad we could do it and support you guys. Bret and I have not as hard as we did in a long time on both days. First our adventure with the Fish and Game Guys. We did blow the check point but in all fairness it really did look like a Score Checkpoint for special speed section and the Ghost thought I said GOOOO! when I said slow. All I know is that Fish and Game Officers don't like getting dusted when they are in their lawn chairs in the middle of the desert. Did you know that all open roads that are not posted are 35 mph in Arizona? We do.. KNOW!!!
Oh and the British Version Reidy was referring to is the right hand drive of my Raptor. It's really cool. It gives a whole new perspective of driving off road and being a passenger. All I can say is a quality Dad will sacrifice a lot for his children. Including almost taking a bullet, going to jail, getting a ticket etc. etc. It pays to be friendly, courteous, have your hands out of your pockets and have a clean record. Oh and the gift of B.Sing. It gets a couple miles knocked off a speed ticket sometimes. Like about 30 mph in this case. 55 in a 35 shouldn't cost to much I hope.

On day 2 again the Ghost took over after lunch to help relieve an old mans tired body. Well after a few miles on nice paved road and seeing the scenic neighbor hoods just north of I-10 heading north to Mammoth, I got to play co-astronaut with the Ghost. As AZRedline said, we had blue sky under us. The float time off the paved roller felt like floating down the face of a 15 foot wave. All I can say is I'm pretty sure I saw the space station go by at one point. It was the hard landing anticipation I was not sure about for this one. The truck has been in the air a few times. 1-2 feet is one thing. 5-8 feet is another. A stock truck would definitely have cause the notorious Raptor frame bend and a couple of blown out shocks I'm sure. I guess my upgrades and reinforcing certain areas paid off. Thanks RPG and Fox for good race quality parts. The landing was flat with no terrible rebound. Landed like it was supposed to but it was glorious to know we had survived. We made a quick stop to make sure the tires still had air and that they were also pointing in the right direction and looked at each other an laughed in our best Sean Pin, Ridgemont high voice
KNARLY DUDE!! off we go with everything running as normal. We did get the obligatory thumbs up from AZRedline just after the jump.
The truck faired excellent the entire trip. The only real issue was a sliced tire in the rocks that could have been avoided had I been looking a little closer.
A little AZ. pinstripe occurred but this is not a street queen by any means and I am VERY happy with it's performance. I have prerun for the Baja 500 and 1000 a few times in the past and this was pretty much just like that experience.
We got to spend great quality time with friends on an adventure this weekend with an epic ride and experiences that none of us will ever forget.
Thanks guys for letting us come along. I hope we proved our worth as a support truck and will get invited again.

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