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The rest of my pics...

Day 2 started out pretty chilly. Waiting for the sun to come up to warm things up.

Actually, I should go back and relate what my side of the story was for what happened to us the night prior.

As AZRedline touched upon already it was only a matter of seconds before all 4 of us (Reidy, 4Play, AZRedline and myself) were completely alone out in the middle of the desert. I still haven't looked at my tracks to see where exactly we were but we were somewhere south of the 86 and headed somewhere south of Green Valley.

When Reidy and I took the wrong turn we started heading back to the track and I looked down at the GPS for a second to see if we had been back to the point where we made the wrong turn. When I looked back up Reidy was gone. So I kept backtracking and apparently I passed right by him and didn't even notice him. It was really the perfect storm because we had been riding in an area with heavy brush and a lot of tight turns so you couldn't see too far ahead on the trail.

I kept back tracking for about a mile and stopped. Looked around and heard nothing. Saw no one.

Now it was about 6pm and the sun setting quickly. I knew I was out there with my tiny little headlight that isn't worth a damn. Plus to make matters worse I didn't want to turn off the bike because I thought it would die and had nobody to help me get it started again. Oh, and did I mention that I had tossed my tool bag in the back of Mil's truck to lighten my load since he was gonna be following us anyway? Yeah, he wasn't following us now so I was out there:
by myself.
with hardly any light.
a good half hour before sunset.
with a dead battery.
and no tools.

Sorry, I know this may be a point of contention with some, but I was getting the fuck out of there as quickly as I could. So i took the route that I knew and back tracked to the 86. Once there I stopped at a gas station and called Reidy and left him a message that I was booking it to the hotel by pavement. It would be a long ass hour and a half there. Cold as hell at spots. Only able to see maybe 20 yards in front of me (yeah, I also had tinted goggles ) nearly clipping a dead javalina with my boot in the middle of the road a few miles out of Patagonia.

Fun times!

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