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Originally Posted by Zeid View Post
85% humidity? In Phoenix? Either you got here a day after a monsoon or you were smokin something pretty potent. Even then, there's pretty much no way for it to be 117 after a monsoon here, those cool it way down.

And the dry heat, that's the big joke here, everyone knows it- the heat is the driest there is. It doesn't get any dryer. And you judged a desert city because it was hot one day?

It's a beautiful place, very clean city, mostly new, fancy and well taken care of stuff everywhere, great roads, great places around it. Think Palm Springs XXXL. I will say though, the place is gigantic, very big and spread out a long ways so if you don't like big cities it wouldn't be for you. Unless you can live just outside of town in one of the communities. For me? I have to commute over an hour to work every day from North Phoenix to downtown and the traffic is horrible in the morning.

I was in phoenix (actually peoria) first week of august for a softball tournament. flew out from burbank @ 75F (it was cooler than usual). came out of phoenix airport waiting for my ride and couldn't breath.

if you like a furnace by all means move to phoenix. I needed an iced towel around my neck the entire time I was out doors. the two evenings were were out on the softball fields there was a mist trapped above. actually felt more uncomfortable as it was a steam bath.
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