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now if your a regular reader of this dribble I know you excepted me to check out the night life.

Well I do hate to disappoint, about dark thirty I pulled on my Jerusalem cruisers (flip flops) & started walking to town.

Passed a bus stop, waited a few

There is cold beer waiting I must go on.

3 minutes after I started walking again the bus passed me

so alittle while later I checked the gps on my phone, i'd been 1 1/2 miles & had 2 miles to go.

look a cab

dude sees me cuts across a couple of lanes. brakes squeal he nearly hit another car. I get in he tells me how it was the other guys fault, I say I don't know about that but it was to close. We laugh, we're having fun.

Tell him I 'm headed to old town. He tells me (now imagine this said in your best camel jockey voice) "I take u to bar, lots a girls, so many girls u take one back to Georgia with u"

We're caught in the block party traffic jam, he tells me where to go I jump out.

Drunk girls in swim suits, I thinks i'll try the block party, ya know just so I can get you guys some pictures.

$65 to get in, sorry guys ain't happening.

Back to whiskey row. pay prveiw fights

was having agood time, fights ended they took away stools and the music got loud.

now this girl walks around the bar, points at cya & as long as you'll hold your mouth open she pours.

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